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                            Frequently Asked Questions

                            1) What can I expect after I submit my job application?
                            Once you've submitted your application, your credentials will be reviewed. If your qualifications closely meet the criteria for the position, we will contact you for further discussion.

                            2) What type of benefits does Mosaic offer?
                            Mosaic offers a competitive salary and benefits package determined by the markets in which we operate.

                            3) I forgot my password. How can I get my password reset?
                            If you forget your password, on the lower right hand corner of the login page you will want to select the “Forgot Password” icon.

                            4) What browser and operating system is needed to search for jobs and submit my resume?
                            Internet Explorer 8.0 or Firefox version 3.6.

                            5) Does Mosaic offer internships and/or co-ops?
                            Yes. We offer paid internships and co-ops throughout the year. Our internship and co-op openings are posted on our website.

                            6) My firm or agency would like to send my cover letter and resume to the hiring manager. What is the correct process for doing this?
                            At this time, Mosaic is not seeking new vendors and will not respond to unsolicited inquiries. If you would like to provide your contact information, please send an email with "Agency" in the subject field to

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