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                            City/Location Facility Type
                            Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan Potash Production
                            Colonsay, Saskatchewan Potash production
                            Esterhazy, Saskatchewan Potash production
                            Regina, Saskatchewan Office

                            United States

                            City/Location Facility Type
                            Arcadia, Florida Office
                            Bartow, Florida Phosphate production
                            Bartow, Florida (Bonnie Mine) Phosphate production, Environmental monitoring
                            Bowling Green, Florida (South Pasture Mine) Phosphate production
                            Carlsbad, New Mexico (Mine) Potash production
                            Duette, Florida (Wingate Creek Mine) Phosphate production
                            Fort Meade, Florida (South Fort Meade Mine) Phosphate production
                            Gibsonton, Florida (Big Bend Terminal) Warehouse
                            Henderson, Kentucky (Henderson Warehouse) Warehouse
                            Lithia, Florida (Four Corners Mine & Office) Phosphate production
                            Mulberry, Florida (New Wales) Phosphate production, office
                            Pekin, Illinois (Pekin Warehouse) Warehouse
                            Plant City, Florida Phosphate Facility, Office
                            Plant City, Florida (Hopewell Mine) Phosphate production
                            Plymouth, Minnesota (Plymouth Office) Office
                            Riverview, Florida (FishHawk Office) Office
                            Riverview, Florida (Plant) Phosphate production
                            Rosemount, Minnesota (Pine Bend Terminal) Warehouse
                            Saint James, Louisiana (Faustina Plant) Phosphate production
                            Tallahassee, Florida Office
                            Tampa, Florida (Highland Oaks Office) Office
                            Tampa, Florida (Hooker's Point Terminal) Ammonia Terminal
                            Tampa, Florida (Port Sutton Terminal) Ammonia Terminal
                            Tampa, Florida (Tampa Executive Office) Global Headquarters
                            Tampa, Florida (Tampa Marine Terminal) Storage & Shipping
                            Uncle Sam, Louisiana (Uncle Sam Plant) Phosphate production


                            City/Location Facility Type
                            Alto Araguaia, Brazil Warehouse and blender
                            Alto Araguaia , Brazil (Cubat?o) Phosphate production
                            Alfenas Toll, Brazil Warehouse and Blender
                            Araxá, Brazil Phosphate and fertilizer production
                            Cajati, Brazil Phosphate production
                            Campo Grande, Brazil Warehouse and Blender
                            Candeias, Brazil Warehouse and blender
                            Catal?o, Brazil Warehouse and blender
                            Catal?o, Brazil (Vale) Phosphate and fertlizer production
                            Cubat?o, Brazil Phosphate and Nitrogen production
                            Paranaguá, Brazil Warehouse and Blender
                            Paranaguá, Brazil (Delta Toll) Phosphate Production
                            Paranaguá, Brazil (Fospar SSP Plant and Fertilizer Port Terminal) Port
                            Paranaguá, Brazil (Multitrans Toll) Animal Nutrition
                            Passo Fundo, Brazil (Passo Fundo Toll) Warehouse and blending
                            Patos de Minas, Brazil Phosphate and fertilizer production
                            Rio Grande, Brazil (Rio Grande Toll) Warehouse and blender
                            Rio Verde, Brazil Warehouse and blender
                            Rondonópolis, Brazil Warehouse and blending
                            Rosário do Catete, Brazil
                            S?o Paulo, Brazil Office
                            S?o Paulo, Brazil (ADM) Office
                            Sorriso, Brazil Warehouse and blender
                            Tapira, Brazil Phosphate production
                            Uberaba, Brazil Warehouse and blender
                            Uberaba, Brazil (Plant 2) Warehouse and blender
                            Uberaba, Brazil (Vale) Phosphate production


                            City/Location Facility Type
                            Asunción, Paraguay Office
                            Villeta, Paraguay Warehouse and blender


                            City/Location Facility Type
                            Beijing, China Office
                            Qinhaungdao, China Warehouse and blender
                            Yantai, China Warehouse and blender


                            City/Location Facility Type
                            Gurgaon, India Office
                            Public Port, India Port


                            City/Location Facility Type
                            Hawthorn, Victoria Office

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